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Update your Adobe Flash Player!!

UPDATE YOUR ADOBE FLASH!! Go right now to, and click the “Get Adobe Flash Player” button. Allow the update to run, and turn off the extra freebie they offer – it’s often the Google toolbar. As of today, you need to be running version 10.1. There is an active exploit currently infecting computers with [...]

Optical Character Recognition Software

Q: I’m trying to scan a document to a Word file, I think I need OCR software, what do you recommend? A: There are a couple of good choices for OCR – the least expensive accurate package appears to be ABBYY FineReader Express, which sells for $49.99.  They have a professional edition as well, which [...]

Making Adobe Reader Safer

Adobe Reader is a program that many people use regularly, but we may not realize that it has serious vulnerabilities. These flaws could allow malicious programs (virus or malware program) to infect your PC. There are two settings in Acrobat Reader that should be changed – this article will tell you how.  As of this [...]

Speeding Up Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s internet browser, Internet Explorer, often begins to run slower and slower, or doesn’t work at all. This can be due to toolbars, or other add-ins.  Version 7 and 8 of Internet Explorer have a very easy method for removing these troublesome additions to IE. Even if there are no toolbars visible, there are often [...]

How to setup wireless audio / video connections

Q: I want to locate my speakers in a place where it’s difficult to run wires from the sound source. How can I do this without wires? A: Yes, here are a couple of different ways to do this.  The first uses FM radio waves, and the second uses IR, or infrared. Each has it’s [...]

The economy may be weak, but cybercrime has never been stronger. That sums up the reasoning behind Securing Our eCity, a new security initiative created by ESET to educate business and home users about the increasing need for better cyber security. The website includes a variety of educational resources such as educational videos, podcasts, [...]

How to run ScanDisk on your hard drive.

ScanDisk is a hard drive maintenance utility that comes with every Windows XP computer.  Running it can be an important step in maintaining the integrity of the data on your hard drive.  There are other, more capable hard drive maintenance programs available, but this one is good because it’s found on every windows machine. We [...]

Protect against surges!

Power surges happen in the blink of an eye, and can do major damage to your computer, printers, monitors, external hard drives, and more. You may think you’re adequately protected, but you may not be.  Many surge protectors do not block surges well enough at all. The effect that surges have on your sensitive equipment [...]

Do you convert old movies to DVD?

We don’t, but I put together some info about how this is done.  There is a very good introductory article here: I found this on Google using keywords: “video capture card”, targeting my search toward doing this yourself.  Then I did a google search using the keywords: “video transfer service”.  This turns up a [...]

Should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

Question: According to the material that came with my laptop, it is windows vista capable. Whatever that means [I think I know]. What have you heard? Any suggestions? Answer: By a “new version” of Vista, the author is probably referring to Vista Service Pack 1. That was released a few weeks ago. There were no [...]

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