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Protect against surges!

Power surges happen in the blink of an eye, and can do major damage to your computer, printers, monitors, external hard drives, and more. You may think you’re adequately protected, but you may not be.  Many surge protectors do not block surges well enough at all. The effect that surges have on your sensitive equipment [...]

Do you convert old movies to DVD?

We don’t, but I put together some info about how this is done.  There is a very good introductory article here: I found this on Google using keywords: “video capture card”, targeting my search toward doing this yourself.  Then I did a google search using the keywords: “video transfer service”.  This turns up a [...]

Should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

Question: According to the material that came with my laptop, it is windows vista capable. Whatever that means [I think I know]. What have you heard? Any suggestions? Answer: By a “new version” of Vista, the author is probably referring to Vista Service Pack 1. That was released a few weeks ago. There were no [...]

Is Microsoft dropping support for Windows XP?

Question: I read an article this week in which the author suggested people avoid Vista until the new versions comes out this summer. This writer went on to suggest that Microsoft might discontinue support to the XP program. Have you heard about this? Answer It is true that Microsoft will drop mainstream support on April [...]

How to view browsing history in Internet Explorer

Question: How can I tell what web sites have been visited on a computer? Answer: The list of web sites that have been visited on a particular computer is called the “history”. It is possible to erase this history, but there is a way that is much harder to cover up. This history is kept [...]

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