Cure For Credit Card Woes

If your credit card was hacked, you were double-billed for a purchase, or you’ve ever stopped a subscription or service but continued to be charged for it, read on.

Often your first thought is to call the bank and ask them to cancel the card. Then you wait for the new card to arrive in the mail, activate it when it arrives, and try to remember all the businesses you pay with that card. This can happen to both debit cards and credit cards.

What a hassle! Haven’t we put up with it long enough? Enter This excellent service provides you with secure solutions to all of these problems. shields your card details and your money by creating virtual payment cards, instead of using your regular debit or credit card, for each place you shop online. is held to the same rigorous security standards as your bank. If you’re interested, you can read more about the security of their system on their website. I’ve used it with my own business since 2019 and find that it’s fantastic in every way.

Privacy Cards lock to the first merchant they are used with, so if the merchant is ever compromised, your card number can never be used anywhere else, giving you a layer of protection you don’t have with traditional credit cards. Funds paid with Privacy Cards are immediately withdrawn from your bank account, functioning as debit cards.

You can create a spending limit per charge, per month, or per year on each card you create. This blocks hidden fees and double charges on recurring expenses. If a transaction goes over the limit, it will automatically decline.

You can also pause or close Privacy Cards, which means you’ll never have another problem cancelling a subscription or stopping a service. Just pause the card, and no further charges will be allowed.  If you’ll never use this vendor again, just close it.

Another useful feature is the one-time use card. You can provide a number to make a one-time payment. No future surprises are possible.

Use these amazing Privacy Card numbers for all of your online purchases. The personal plan includes all these features, is free forever, and allows you to create 12 credit cards per month. There is a pro plan that pays 1% back per month on all of your transactions, and allows 36 cards per month.

Let give you peace of mind for all your online transactions.  And if you want help getting started, contact us.  We don’t resell the service – we’re just promoting it because it really works!

Meet the author

Dan grew up in New York State, and graduated from Queensbury High School in 1980. He received his bachelor's in computer science at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas in 1984. He was a computer programmer at several insurance companies, and worked at Pioneer Hi-Bred for ten years. In July of 2002 after 18 years of programming, Dan founded Iowa PC Services, Inc. as a one-man computer repair business. He is an active member at the Grandview Church of Christ in Des Moines, and enjoys woodworking, walking, and grandchildren. Dan and his lovely wife, Donna, have two grown children and four grandchildren.