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Your computer is a powerful tool, and can be used to do many useful and exciting tasks. We can help you get the most out of your computer. Here’s a list of the services provided by Iowa PC Services:

  • Computer repair – desktops and laptops
  • Software setup, upgrades
  • Recommendations for buying a new PC
  • Networking – wireless or wired, setup and repair
  • Help with smartphones and tablets
  • Backup solutions
  • Data recovery
  • Training

Computer Service & Repair

In just a few short years, computers have become an important part of our lives. We depend on our computer to for many day-to-day tasks from work to play, shopping to entertainment. But if your computer is not working properly, you may be losing time, money, and opportunity.

Iowa PC Services, Inc. provides you with all the services you need to keep your computer running its best. We’re happy to answer your questions, and help in any way we can. If you have an emergency, such as a computer that will not boot, or a hard drive that has crashed, call us for professional assistance in recovering your data and setting things right.


More and more people have multiple computers in their home, and are finding out about the benefits of setting up a network to connect these computers. With a network, you can share a single internet connection among several computers as well as share files and printers.

Data Recovery

When your computer won’t start up, or you can’t get access your documents, pictures, music or other data, give us a call… We recover what you can’t replace!

Slow Computers

One of the most common complaints we hear is of computers running slowly. We have extensive experience in making your computer run more quickly. Our process of eliminating unnecessary programs, marketing or promotional software, spyware and viruses is more fully explained in our article on slow computers.


People often ask us where they can take a class to learn to use their computer better, and we tell them, “We do training!”  Read about our training services here, and give us a call to schedule your training!

Recent Articles

New Service: IPCS Tier 1 Monitoring

Posted: January 28, 2016

Iowa PC Services is proud to announce this very smart new offering:  Continuous health monitoring of your computer.  We call it “IPCS Tier 1 Monitoring.”  This service includes:

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of your computer.
  • Regular updates of the software on your computer
  • Antivirus
  • Malicious web site blocking
  • Regular hard drive maintenance
  • Remote support availability

Daily Monitoring

With our remote monitoring service, we don’t hang around waiting for you to call when something goes wrong. Instead, we’ll check your system around the clock, day and night, for any problems that might interfere with your ability to do business. And when we spot trouble, we’ll fix it right away – probably before you even know about it.

With the Conventional Process…

  • A problem occurs and you deal with it in growing frustration.
  • You eventually call us when you can’t make any progress.
  • You describe the problem to us so we can either assign the right person or fix it over the phone.
  • Once we have a clear picture of the problem, we act to fix it.
Using Round-the-Clock 24×7 Alerts
  • We receive an alert within 15 minutes on average.
  • We’re told the exact cause of the problem (e.g. Windows service has failed)
  • We fix it remotely or dispatch someone to the site.  Instantly.
The benefits: a faster, more accurate, less frustrating IT support experience. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, we’ll conduct a thorough check each and every morning before you start work. We’ll check:
  • Your backup is complete to make sure your data is safe
  • Your antivirus pattern file to make sure your protection is always up-to-date
  • Your disk space to ensure your system won’t crash and your workers aren’t left unproductive while you recover
  • Your hard disk and memory health to ensure your system is always in peak operating condition
  • Your Critical Event Logs to spot other developing problems that could cause downtime during the day
 This service is performed automatically – so it’s guaranteed to happen even if staff are sick or on holiday.  If we find problems, we’ll immediately alert an engineer so he can act fast to cut potential downtime.  We’ll even send you a short note to confirm the checks carried out and their results.

Regular Updates

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we run scheduled checks to ensure that common software on your computer is up-to-date.  These updates are crucial to ensure that known vulnerabilities that have been fixed do not become your problem, by checking for updates from the software vendors.


The antivirus that is available with this monitoring system is tightly integrated into this monitoring service in a way that allows us to monitor whether it has been updated properly with the latest virus definitions.  We are also able to see what viruses it may have encountered, and whether these were completely removed or not.  Any anomalies in this managed antivirus system will raise a red flag, which allows us to be pro-active when problems arise.

If you use a different antivirus program, it’s possible that we will be able to monitor that program in place of the managed antivirus provided by Tier 1 Monitoring.  Other antivirus programs are not as tightly integrated as the managed antivirus, and we will not be able to see what viruses these antivirus programs have encountered on your computer, however we are often able to monitor the state of the a-v definitions for this different antivirus.

Malicious Web Site Blocking

Most viruses come through the web, and our web blocking system is able to prevent stumbling on sites that can cause serious difficulty on your computer.  These blocking rules can be customized for your needs, and for some people, we have disabled this altogether.

Regular Hard Drive Maintenance

We schedule a weekly temp file deletion and hard drive defragmentation.  Other regular maintenance tasks are possible as needed.

Remote Support

We use a remote support tool that allows us to remote-control your computer when you need help.  We charge our regular hourly fee for this time – it’s not covered by the monthly fee for Tier 1 Monitoring.  But we have use this many times to remote into a computer and fix problems for our customers on a more timely basis.

These are the various services available under the umbrella we call “IPCS Tier 1 Monitoring”.  And all this for far less than the cost of a cappuccino!

How to get started?  Just give us a call at 515-299-4555, or use the contact form.  We’d love to help!

Windows 10 Recommendation

Posted: July 5, 2015

windows 10Microsoft is close to releasing the next version of Windows, Windows 10, and the icon shown here is showing up on the lower-right corner of many computer screens, saying “Get Windows 10”. That’s because Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 upgrade for free to all who have a valid copy of Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. The catch is, you must get it during the first year for it to be free.

We are bullish on Windows 10. We’ve installed the technical preview version, and it looks very good. But, caution is always the safest route, so here’s my recommendation:

Go ahead and reserve your copy. This will allow the 3 gigabyte download to complete without your intervention. This will get the lengthy part done without any fuss.  When it has been downloaded, you will be notified. At this point, we are saying hold off on the install until we’ve know more.

We will be posting an article on our web site when we change this recommendation to “Install Windows 10”. This approach will ensure that everyone gets the free copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft, while avoiding any possible nasty surprises that come because of being an early adapter.

Dell Command | Update

Posted: February 22, 2015

Dell_Logo-150pxFor Dell Optiplex, Latitude and Precision Owners only:

Many people get themselves into trouble by downloading programs that update drivers, but if you own a Dell Optiplex, Latitude or Precision computer, there is an excellent option from Dell that will give you the “straight scoop” on driver, firmware, and bios and updates.  Dell Command | Update is that program, and is the recommended and safe way to get automatic updates straight from Dell for your new computer.

We repair many computers that run slowly and have many marketing pop-ups.  The problem often begins when the computer owner installs a program that offers to update the drivers and “optimize” the computer’s performance.  But in reality, these programs are installing malware, ad-ware, and slowing your computer down.  Don’t fall prey to these schemes.  Get Dell Command | Update.

And don’t be put off by the references to “Enterprise” on the Dell page that describes this excellent utility.   It works on any Optiplex, Latitude or Precision computer, and isn’t for businesses only.  This is another reason why Iowa PC Services recommends these models first, even for home use.  The support from Dell is top-notch, the performance is excellent, and the long-term durability will give anyone the assurance that they are investing their computing dollar in a wise way.

Dell Command | Update

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