Wired & Wireless Networking

We can help with a variety of networking projects and problems.  From wiring a new business location to setting up wi-fi in a home, we provide simplicity and reliability when it comes to connecting your computers to the internet, to each other, and to other devices on your network.

We determine the requirements of the network in your home or business.  These can vary from a simple network that simply uses a DSL modem as the central hub of the network to more complex systems that require more robust equipment.  Small and medium businesses often  often fall into this category.

Homes and businesses where there are many wireless devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, as well as those sometimes classified as part of the “internet of things” often need special attention when it comes to wireless routers and access points that can handle greater numbers of connections, as well as the accompanying higher network traffic.

If you need help with your network, or want to build a speedy and reliable one, give us a call… We’d love to help!

Wired & Wireless Networking

When you have multiple computers and other devices that need internet access, a network is what provides the connectivity to your Internet Service Provider.