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Ten Year Milestone for Jason Housby

Congratulations to Jason Housby on ten years with Iowa PC Services!  Jason came to us fresh out of college and has proven to be a huge asset to the company.  Donna and I appreciate his diligence, expertise, honesty and kind spirit in working with both fellow employees and customers.  Jason truly has the customer’s best interest [...]

Automatic Pro: Unlimited car monitoring, zero fees. The only connected car adapter with unlimited 3G included. How it works Adapter plugs in under your dashboard Driving data is synced with your smartphone Track everything in the new Automatic app Crash Alert We’re here for you in an emergency When the unthinkable happens, Automatic Pro is [...]

Practical Ways to be Safe Online

Here is a brief list of things you can do to protect yourself online. Do your updates often and regularly. Don’t download something you didn’t go looking for to begin with. Don’t believe pop-up warnings that tell you what’s wrong with your PC. Don’t let anyone remote into your computer if you didn’t go looking for [...]

Do you have  trouble using the WiFi in your home or place of business?  If you are the person responsible for fixing the problem, this can be a real headache.  Fortunately, there are many newer wireless routers that solve this problem quite well.  One in particular, made by TP-Link, is my personal favorite: the TP-Link [...]

Resizing Images Made Easy and Safe

Have you ever used a picture on the web, but found it was the wrong size?  Maybe it was too big?  Well, there’s an easy solution to the problem: Image Resizer.  You can download the program at the following web site. Here is an excellent way to resize your pictures: Once you have downloaded [...]

Introducing Our Team

While we haven’t made any personnel changes in quite a while, we thought you’d like to see the faces of the good folks at Iowa PC Services for a change.  From left to right: Dan Bailey, Donna Bailey, Anne Ogle and Jason Housby.  For more about each person, visit our About Us page.

Fix Problems in Chrome with this Google Tool

Is your Chrome browser acting strangely?  Are you using Chrome but having challenges that seem to have cropped up?  If you’re tired of it and want to try to fix the problem yourself, read on! If you’re experiencing any of the following: Your home page is changed to a different website. Your search results aren’t from Google anymore [...]

Am I Safe if I Don’t Bank Online?

You may have the impression that there’s only one basic activity that puts you at risk when using a computer on the internet, and that as long as you don’t do that one thing, you’ll be safe. I hear this idea from many people: “I don’t bank online, so I’m not at risk!” Usually said with [...]

Phone Scams: What’s Being Done? 

Have you ever received a fraudulent phone call? Do you wonder if anyone is doing something about this growing category of crime? The answer is, “Yes!” – and here’s an account from Reuters of police addressing the problem near Mumbai, India. Callers for dollars: Inside India’s scam call centers

New Service: IPCS Tier 1 Monitoring

Iowa PC Services is proud to announce this very smart new offering:  Continuous health monitoring of your computer.  We call it “IPCS Tier 1 Monitoring.”  This service includes: Continuous 24/7 monitoring of your computer. Regular updates of the software on your computer Antivirus Malicious web site blocking Regular hard drive maintenance Remote support availability Daily Monitoring [...]

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